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University of California, Berkeley Multidisciplinary

Program Overview 

Location: Berkeley, California
Culture: Progressive, civic
Neighborhood: Urban, diverse
Housing: Off-campus apartments
English level: Intermediate - advanced 

Founded in 1868, University of California, Berkeley is the oldest campus in the University of California system and is regarded as one of the most prestigious state universities in the United States. Most recently, U.S. News and World Report ranked UC Berkeley as the No. 1 public university in the United States.

Located in Northern California, Berkeley is an urban, eclectic city in the greater San Francisco Bay Area. Berkeley is a city that celebrates diversity and community. Nearly 35% of people in the Bay Area were born outside of the United States; thus, making Berkeley one of the most diverse communities in the country.

Berkeley is famous for crafting the Free Speech Movement which has set the stage for student activism on and around the campus. Many students are actively involved and volunteer on-campus and in the local community. Furthermore, a number of students who attend UC Berkeley are outdoor enthusiasts who take full advantage of the stunning landscape by going on hikes in the wooded Berkeley Hills or enjoying waterfront views by visiting the Berkeley Marina.

Student Profile

UC Berkeley is suitable for SAF Scholars who are passionate and eager to be part of a diverse community. SAF Scholars seeking rigorous academics alongside local and international students would be a great fit for this program.

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Program Details

Program Dates by Term Availability

Fall (Late August - Mid December)
Spring (Mid January – Mid May)

Progression or Concurrent Notes

There are no progression or concurrent options at UC Berkeley.

Program Strengths

The Academic Program at Berkeley offers SAF Scholars a study-abroad opportunity that combines high quality academics with a full immersion experience. In addition to the academic program,  Berkeley has developed focused curricula for SAF Scholars with backgrounds in the following areas: Business, Environmental Design, English and Advanced Digital Media.

# of Credits (per term)

SAF Scholars who are in their undergraduate career must enroll and maintain a minimum 12–18 credit hours per semester. 12 credit hours is the common credit load for visiting students. Graduate SAF Scholars must enroll and maintain at least 9 credit hours per semester.

Course Registration Policies & Procedures

SAF Scholars register online for extension courses and on-campus courses prior to arrival. Final registration occurs upon arrival to Berkeley with the assistance and advising of Berkeley staff.

Course/Departmental Restrictions

Enrollment in all courses is subject to availability, but the following courses are impacted and are given priority to degree-seeking majors:
  • Business
  • Economics

Graduate Courses

Policies differ by department, but non-degree seeking international students generally do not enroll in graduate courses. However, for more specific information or clarification on the availability of a specific course at the graduate level, please contact SAF Headquarters.


Housing Type

Off-campus apartments


Meal plan not required

Type of Room

Double, triple, quad
Student Life

Co-/Extra-Curricular Opportunities or Programs

UC Berkeley offers a myriad of programs and services to its students. In fact, SAF Scholars have access to more than 1,200 student clubs and organizations. SAF Scholars are able to get involved with as many student organizations that suits their interests.

Life on Campus

With a student population over 35,000, UC Berkeley is a vibrant urban campus that consistently has something occurring. Even though Berkeley has a reputation for being an academically challenging campus, students who attend Berkeley are social and spend a lot of their time out side of the classroom. When not in class, students at Berkeley spend their time exploring downtown Berkeley, an arts and entertainment district offering live theater and music, or spend their time outside enjoying the temperate Northern California weather by playing sports, going out to eat, and to concerts. In Bay area, students can find enjoyable things to do in the colorful city of Berkeley.

Last Updated: 1/9/19