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University of California, Riverside

Program Overview 

Location: Riverside, California
Culture: Internationally minded, independent
Neighborhood: Suburban, active
Housing: On-campus dormitory
English level: Intermediate - advanced 

University of California Riverside (UCR) offers a world of opportunities as the most diverse campus in the entire prestigious University of California system; as well as the 12th most diverse campus in the nation. Studying at UCR gives students access to a world-class education in the beautiful setting of Southern California.

The University Credit Program (UCP) gives scholars the opportunity to build a strong academic future by improving English abilities, learning critical study skills, and living in a vibrant academic community that offers a multitude of American cultural opportunities. 

Riverside, California, is also an ideal location for international students to live, given its close proximity to major U.S. cities such as Los Angeles, Anaheim and San Diego; and world-renowned attractions such as Los Angeles’ Griffith Observatory, San Diego’s Balboa Park, or Riverside’s historic Mission Inn.

Student Profile

SAF Scholars who feel they possess an advanced understanding of English and have a strong academic foundation would be best-fit for the University Credit Program at UCR. The program is also suited for students who desire to have planned cultural immersion activities on weekends. UCR Extension office organizes free social events for UCP students to make connections with other students.

Other Programs at University

There are currently no other UCR programs available to SAF Scholars.

Other Comparable Programs

Program Details

Program Dates by Term Availability

Fall (September - December)
Winter (January - March)
Spring (March - June)

Progression or Concurrent Notes

There are currently no Progression or Concurrent options available at UC-Riverside.

Program Strengths

The University Credit Program (UCP) offers a range of academic credit-bearing courses in a variety of areas, offering SAF Scholars a unique opportunity to study with experts who are real world professionals.

# of Credits (per term)

A minimum of 12 credits must be taken in order to be considered a full-time student at UCR.

Course Registration Policies & Procedures

University of California schools, including UCR, participate in a course registration process called ‘course crashing.’ Scholars will attend a class at the regularly scheduled time and will need to gain permission from the professor in order to enroll in the class.

Course/Departmental Restrictions

The following courses are impacted and are given priority to degree-seeking majors:
  • Aeronautical and Astronomical Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Material Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Metallurgical and Mineral Engineering
  • Petroleum and Gas Engineering
Some courses are only available through the UCR extension school and SAF Scholars may not enroll in these subjects through the regular UCR enrollment. Those subjects are:
  • Business (all types)
  • Economics
  • GIS
  • Engineering (all types)
Graduate Courses
Graduate courses are available to qualified scholars that have completed the necessary prerequisites. 

Housing Type

On-campus dormitory


All rooms in university residence halls have built-in kitchens, so students will be able to cook their own meals to meet their own preferences. Additionally, Riverside has many local options for students to explore and discover. If desired, meal plans can also be purchased at the scholar’s own expense.

Type of Room

Studio, single, double
Student Life

Co-/Extra-Curricular Opportunities or Programs

One of the best parts of being an SAF Scholar at UCR in one of the International Education Programs is attending the many fun activities they organize and offer throughout the year.

Organized trips include transportation and are offered at a special student rate. UCR IEP also schedules parties and cultural events throughout the year in celebration of different cultures and U.S. holidays.

Life on Campus

The campus at UCR offers many opportunities for students to explore nature, and attend events that showcase the latest trends in arts and science to UCR.

Riverside is an affordable, internationally minded campus that has 300 days of sunshine each year making for optimal conditions to explore the 50 + parks in the surrounding areas.

Last Updated: 1/9/19