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University of Glasgow

Program Overview 

Location: Glasgow, Scotland
Culture: Intellectual, cosmopolitan
Neighborhood: Historic, urban
Housing: On-campus apartments
English level: Intermediate - advanced 

Over the last five centuries, the University of Glasgow has pushed the boundaries of academic achievement. Glasgow has fostered the talents of seven Nobel laureates, a U.K. Prime Minister and Scotland’s inaugural First Minister. Albert Einstein has given lectures on the origins of the general theory of relativity, and Scotland’s first female medical graduates completed their degrees there in 1894.

SAF Scholars who choose to study here will be walking in the footsteps of some of the world’s most renowned scholars, from scientist Lord Kelvin and economist Adam Smith to the pioneer of television, John Logie Baird. With more than 23,000 students, the University is a melting pot of ideas, ingenuity and innovation, housed in one of the more beautiful campuses in the United Kingdom.

Glasgow has a rich artistic and cultural heritage. Among its many points of interest are more than 20 museums and art galleries. With streets full of unique vintage stores, cool cafés and stylish bars, Glasgow is a great place to socialize and relax.

Student Profile

The ideal SAF Scholar for this program would desire a vibrant urban campus and at the same time want to be within easy distance of venues for music, art and leisure. The right-fit student would also be flexible in their academic studies, as SAF Scholars may choose their course of study from among a variety of schools and colleges, such as the prestigious Glasgow School of Art to the Scottish History Department. SAF Scholars who are eager to immerse themselves in the rich Scottish culture as well as refine their academic and conversational English language skills would also be perfect candidates.

Other Programs at University

Other programs are not currently available.

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Program Details

Program Dates by Term Availability

Fall (Early September - Mid December)
Spring (Early January - End of May)

Progression or Concurrent Notes

There are no progression or concurrent options at Glasgow.

Program Strengths

University of Glasgow’s strengths include the variety of courses and majors SAF Scholars can choose from. As well, the university is renowned for its outstanding Arts, Business and Mathematics departments.

# of Credits (per term)

SAF Scholars must enroll and maintain a minimum 60 SCOTCAT credits per semester.

Course Registration Policies & Procedures

SAF Scholars enroll in courses online at a designated date and time provided prior to their arrival.

Course/Departmental Restrictions

Some courses and departments have competitive and limited access. Therefore, SAF Scholars cannot attempt to enroll in the following courses until they arrive:
  • 5000+ level courses
  • Courses in Medicine, Vet Medicine, Education, Architecture.
  • Maths, Statistics, and Computing science only available to yearlong students.
  • English Literature only available to English majors

Graduate Courses

Graduate courses are not available at Glasgow


Housing Type

On-campus apartments



Type of Room

Standard room (twin), shared bathroom, kitchen and laundry
Student Life

Co-/Extra-Curricular Opportunities or Programs

SAF scholars will have the opportunity to become a member of one of the 200+ affiliated clubs and societies, which also affords students an opportunity to enrich their experience beyond just attaining university course credit hours. 

Outside of the university’s campus lies Scotland’s biggest city. Glasgow has evolved over the last couple of decades to become one of Britain’s most intriguing metropolises, a desirable city for SAF Scholars to explore.

Life on Campus

The Student’s Representative Council provides around-the-clock support to all clubs and societies through funding, training, facilities and services.

Last Updated: 1/9/19