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University of Minnesota 

Program Overview 

Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota
Culture: High-tech and research driven, All-American campus, American sporting culture
Neighborhood: Big city with plentiful parks and greenery
Housing: On-campus apartment
English level: Intermediate - advanced 

Founded in the idea that all people are enriched by understanding, the University of Minnesota has dedicated itself to the advancement of learning and world-class academics. This dedication and drive for discovery has led the University of Minnesota to be ranked No. 8 public research university in the United States and has had 25 Nobel Prize winning faculty. Therefore, SAF Scholars attending University of Minnesota are able to take advantage of the high-tech labs, modern classrooms and comfortable study spaces.

The University of Minnesota is located in the “The Twin Cities” of Minneapolis and St. Paul. The university is surrounded by an energetic urban area with agricultural roots. There are more than 10,000 lakes in Minnesota and many bike paths in Minneapolis, so many students spend their time outdoors either biking, playing intramural sports, or taking part of a group fitness class.

Comprised of 3.5 million people, the Twin Cities offers the opportunities of a big city while maintaining the friendliness of a small town. Minneapolis has been named No.1 as the cleanest city, best parks, and most literate city. Even though Minneapolis experiences some cold winters, it has the longest indoor pedestrian walkway system that links many downtown buildings, so that people do not have to endure the cold air and still enjoy the downtown area.

Student Profile

The University of Minnesota is well-suited for SAF Scholars who are looking for a prestigious academic setting with personalized advising and services. SAF Scholars seeking to be surrounded by other students who embrace the drive and dedication to learning will thrive at the University of Minnesota.

Other Programs at University

Other programs are not currently available at the University of Minnesota

Other Comparable Programs

Program Details

Program Dates by Term Availability

Fall (Early August - Late December)
Spring (Late January - Mid May)

Progression or Concurrent Notes

Progression: There are no progression options at University of Minnesota.

Concurrent options available: SAF Scholars with iBT TOEFL 79 and a writing subscore below 21 or an IELTS of 6.5 and with a writing subscore below 6.5 will be required to take one ESL course designated by University of Minnesota.

SAF Scholars with iBT TOEFL within 68-78 or IELTS lower than 6.0 will be required to take one ESL course and a Global Perspectives on Higher Education Course.

Program Strengths

The academic program at University of Minnesota offers SAF Scholars the flexibility to choose classes that meet their personal and academic goals. The academic program offers personalized advising support, a detailed orientation, and exciting excursions around Minnesota to provide SAF Scholars with a wholesome study abroad experience.

# of Credits (per term)

Undergraduate SAF Scholars must enroll and maintain a minimum 12 – 18 credit hours per semester. 12 credit hours is the common credit load for visiting students. 

Course Registration Policies & Procedures

Upon admission to the program, SAF Scholars will be required to complete a Course Selection Form. The University of Minnesota will work with SAF Scholars to choose a combination of 4 to 5 courses for a total of 12-16 credit hours.

Course/Departmental Restrictions

Some courses and departments have limited access. Therefore, SAF Scholars cannot enroll in the following courses prior to their arrival. However, if they choose, they can attend the course on their first day and check if there are any open seats and then obtain permission from the professor.
  • Courses in Sports Management, Statistics, and those offered by the Carlson School of Management are very popular and in high demand.
  • Economics (ECON), Chemical Engineering, and Biomedical Engineering courses are not available to GO Minnesota students. All other disciplines, including Applied Economics (APEC), are open.

Housing Type

On-campus apartments 


Meal plan not required

Type of Room

One to five person apartment
Student Life

Co-/Extra-Curricular Opportunities or Programs

There are more than 700 student groups and organizations that SAF Scholars can join while studying at University of Minnesota – everything from sports teams, including ultimate frisby, to music or film clubs or even academic groups such as the Agricultural Education Club.

Additionally, student life at a Big Ten University allows many opportunities for SAF Scholars to experience some of the best college athletes and college game events in the country.

SAF Scholars are able to participate in day and weekend trips, too, organized by the university. These mini-excursions are often to nearby cities or lakes and tend to include food, shopping, tours and beautiful scenery.

Life on Campus

The University of Minnesota is a large campus made up of a diverse and inclusive group of students from all over the nation and 142 different countries worldwide. The students attending the university share the university’s drive and mission for learning. When students are not studying, they often attend university sporting events – particularly football

Last Updated: 1/14/19