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University of Oregon

Program Overview 

Location: Eugene, Oregon
Culture: Student-centric, collaborative
Neighborhood: College town, suburban/rural
Housing: On-campus residence hall
English level: Intermediate - advanced 

The University of Oregon (UO) was first established in 1876. Today, the university remains the largest in the state of Oregon. The University offers more 250 degree programs in nine schools. UO has more than 23,000 students, with more than 20 percent of those students being international students.

Despite the size of the university, the class es are small, with a 17:1 student-teacher ratio. In this way, SAF Scholars may enjoy the perks of a large American campus (sporting events, social clubs), while benefiting from more personalized attention that is characteristic of smaller universities.

Eugene’s official slogan is “A Great City for the Arts and Outdoors”. Recreational activities such as cycling, running, rafting, and kayaking are among the most popular things to do in Eugene. The city also focuses heavily on the arts, hosting annual cultural events, including the Oregon Festival of Music and Asian Celebration in February (which highlights the history and cultures of the countries that make up the continent) and the weekly Saturday Market, where scholars may shop crafts, souvenirs and more

Student Profile

SAF Scholars who want to experience a large American university, but who would prefer small class sizes are encouraged to apply. Scholars needing more flexibility when it comes to terms of study may also find this university to be a right-fit, given its many options for terms of enrollment.

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Summer program

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Program Details

Program Dates by Term Availability

Fall (September - December)
Fall +Winter Quarter (September - March)
Academic Year (September – June)
Spring Quarter + Summer (March - August)
Spring Quarter+ Summer + Fall (March – December)
Winter Quarter + Spring Quarter (January – June)
Winter Quarter (January – March)

Progression or Concurrent Notes

Students who take the paper-based TOEFL test (offered to all AEI students around week 8 of the 9-week AEI term), get a passing score, and pass their current classes are automatically admitted to the UO for the next term. Students can also progress by completing level 6 of AEI. 

Program Strengths

University of Oregon offers unique course term lengths and a summer program that scholars can apply to.

# of Credits (per term)


Course Registration Policies & Procedures

Courses are registered before arrival to the university

Course/Departmental Restrictions

Architecture, art, digital arts, interior architecture, landscape architecture, music and product design majors may have special application requirements, which may include higher TOEFL scores.

Graduate Courses

Graduate courses are not available at Oregon. 


Housing Type

On-campus residence hall


Mini 50 meal plan

Type of Room

Double or triple
Student Life

Co-/Extra-Curricular Opportunities or Programs

<>SAF Scholars are about two hours away from popular Portland, and Medford, Oregon, for sightseeing. When it comes to food, SAF Scholars have ample opportunity to try all-American fare, like the famous In-n-Out burger. Eugene also hosts a weekly Saturday Market where scholars may shop crafts, and more. Oregon is the place to be for outdoorsmen- or women, too, as outdoor activities abound.

Life on Campus

“Duck Life” (named after the UO’s mascot) is very fun and easy. Campus dining is easily accessible and there are many activities and clubs for scholars to explore. Scholars are recommended to check out the Outdoor Program for fun activities, such as rafting on the Willamette River, or hiking up Spencer’s Butte.

Last Updated: 1/9/19