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Gonzaga University

Program Overview 

Location: Spokane, Washington
Culture: Collaborative, outdoorsy
Neighborhood: Rural, mountainous 
Housing: On-campus residence hall
English level: Beginner - intermediate

Gonzaga University has helped more than 8,500 students from more than 70 countries study the English language. SAF Scholars who enroll at Gonzaga will experience an educational philosophy of enriching the body, mind and spirit. Students are challenged to integrate art, science, faith, reason, action and contemplation in pursuit of their academic goals and greater purpose.

Gonzaga is a smaller, private institution set in a beautiful rural area of Eastern Washington State that provides students with many opportunities to explore everything the city, Spokane, has to offer. SAF Scholars will have access to some of the best outdoor living in the United States here. Rock climbing, hiking, skiing and water sports are all extremely popular with students who attend.

Student Profile

This program is ideal for students who wish to advance their English Language skills in a supportive environment. The language program staff offer a hands-on approach to learning. They even go so far as to help scholars tour downtown and help with shopping. They are a great resource for scholars to help advance their overall success during their studies abroad.

With a university that is so actively engaged in academics and recreation, SAF scholars will have no trouble fitting in. Sports enthusiasts or those curious about American college sport culture would enjoy attending Gonzaga's many sporting events, especially basketball games, as Gonzaga's team is one of the best-rated basketball teams in America. Students who enjoy the activities outdoors would also enjoy the campus culture.

SAF Scholars are also able to join student government and more organizations, making the school a right-fit for those with ambitions of leading or volunteering while abroad.

Other Programs at University

Other programs are not currently available at Gonzaga.

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Program Details

Program Dates by Term Availability

Fall Semester (August – December)
Fall Semester + Winter Quarter (August – March)
Spring Quarter + Summer (March – August)
Spring Quarter + Summer + Fall Semester (March – December)
Spring Quarter + Summer + Fall Semester + Winter Quarter (March – March)

Program Strengths

SAF Scholars will participate in an intensive course of study that includes listening, conversation, speaking, writing, English composition, grammar, reading and much more. Staff work closely to provide students with everything they need.

Number of Classroom Hours Per Week


Number of Levels

Levels 1 - 5

Elective Courses Offered

Gonzaga University does not offer elective courses

Progression or Concurrent Notes

There are no progression or concurrent options at Gonzaga.


Housing Type

On-campus residence hall


Silver 12 plan

Type of Room


Student Life

Co-/Extra-Curricular Opportunities or Programs

The University of Gonzaga has many organizations SAF Scholars can be a part of, such as student government, media, ministry, and community service. The university has more than 100 clubs and organizations open to SAF Scholars and just as many recreational opportunities available, too.

Life on Campus

SAF Scholars are encouraged to participate in The First Year Experience, which is designed for students who are new to the university. It's an opportunity for scholars to learn about and connect with activities and people on campus. Whether scholars are looking for academic tutoring or flag football, community service or fitness programs, the First Year program will help them get started.
Last Updated: 1/9/19