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Universitat Leipzig

Program Overview 

Location: Leipzig, Germany
Culture: Individualized, immersive
Neighborhood: Urban, trendy and green
Housing: On-campus dormitory
English level: Beginner - intermediate

Leipzig University is ranked among the best Global Universities in Europe and is renowned for its scientists, scholars and musicians that have either taught or studied in Leipzig. Founded in 1409, Leipzig University is the second oldest university in Germany and has a long tradition of cross-subject and cross-faculty cooperation in research and teaching which has enriched the intellectual and cultural life of the city over the past six centuries.

Situated in East Germany, Leipzig is a large, lively urban city with over 500,00 inhabitants. It is filled with art museums, science research facilities and music theaters. In addition, Leipzig has developed into an innovative business location where companies such as BMW, Porsche and DHL are headquartered.

Leipzig has become popular among students because of its landscape, affordable housing and trendy residential districts. It has recently been nominated as the ideal city in Germany to work and study. Although located in an urban city, Leipzig is full of parks, bike trails, and trees, making it the third greenest city in Germany.

Student Profile

The language program at Leipzig is a good fit for SAF Scholars seeking to enhance their German language skills alongside other German and international students.

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Program Details

Program Dates by Term Availability

Two months intensive language (Summer and Winter)

Program Strengths

The language program at Leipzig has committed and highly skilled language teachers, small yet diverse classes and individual guidance and assistance to support SAF Scholars in reaching their goals effectively and in a short period of time.

Number of Classroom Hours Per Week

27 (per day 6 lessons of 45 minutes each)

Number of Levels


Elective Courses Offered

Only one elective course is available for each language level and it is predetermined for each level.

Progression or Concurrent Notes

Progression: SAF Scholars must complete a B2 course and receive an official B2 certificate in order to progress to Academic.

Concurrent: There are no concurrent options at Universitat Leipzig.


Housing Type

On-campus dormitory


Meal plan is not required

Type of Room

Single room, shared bathroom and living space
Student Life

Co-/Extra-Curricular Opportunities or Programs

The language program at Leipzig is not limited to student success in the German language,but also is designed to teach students about the history and culture of Germany. Therefore, the language program at Leipzig offers SAF scholars opportunities to participate in excursions and cultural events that help them get to know&nbsp and explore Germany beyond the classroom.

Life on Campus

Leipzig University is a young and dynamic campus that welcomes people from all over the world. The university is dedicated to providing favorable and relaxing studying conditions for its students. The university maintains a serene atmosphere. It is surrounded by green space, libraries and study halls. Many students at Leipzig ride their bikes around campus and throughout the city.

Last Updated: 1/9/19