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Universite Catholique de l'Ouest

Program Overview 

Location: Angers, France
Culture: International, collaborative
Neighborhood: Small/quaint city, art-centered
Housing: Homestay
English level: Beginner - advanced

Universite Catholique de l’Ouest (UCO) is one of the oldest universities in western France. Founded in 1875, UCO is widely known for its academics and research. The language center at UCO welcomes more than 1,200 students and teachers from all over the world. UCO-CIDEF has been recognized as one of the best French-language centers by FLE Quality.

Situated in Angers, a city of 160,000 inhabitants, the campus is located between Paris and the Atlantic Ocean. Many students attending Angers are art and history enthusiasts who enjoy theater, art, history and the outdoors. Angers abounds with lakes, rivers, museums and galleries as well as excellent local restaurants.

Angers is known for valuing high quality of life and is famous for being a green and connected city. It is surrounded by numerous gardens, arboretums and is only ten minutes away from the train station that easily connects students to the rest of the country.

Student Profile

SAF Scholars interested in learning French in a smaller town would feel at home at Angers. The right-fit SAF Scholars are those seeking to live and study in a relaxed and charming city. SAF Scholars who are eager to meet locals and engage with other UCO university students would appreciate studying French at Angers.

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Program Details

Program Dates by Term Availability

Fall Semester (September - February)

Program Strengths

The language at UCO believes learning French is not limited to the classroom or the language center. Therefore, learning French also means living with a French family and meeting French students at the university through cultural and university events. Since UCO-CIDEF has adopted this framework, it has been recognized for its quality teachers and respect for student learning.

Number of Classroom Hours Per Week

20 hours total, however, the number of language hours can vary depending on SAF Scholar language level.

Number of Levels

A1 to C2

Elective Courses Offered

  • Art history
  • French history
  • History of music
  • Philosophy
  • Theology,
  • French Politics and European Politics

Progression or Concurrent Notes

Language only; no progression or concurrent.


Housing Type



Two Meals at homestay; one lunch on-campus

Type of Room


Student Life

Co-/Extra-Curricular Opportunities or Programs

SAF Scholars will have numerous opportunities to participate in university student life. Outside of learning French, SAF Scholars have access to theater, film and museum events offered throughout their semester at Angers. In addition, the language center offers excursions to discover other nearby cities and landmarks, so that SAF Scholars can have an enriched study abroad experience.

Life on Campus

The language program at UCO is a relaxed and quiet campus, where art, literature and culture are the center of learning. Many students attending Angers are art and history enthusiasts who often engage is artistic expression. Surrounding the UCO campus are bakeries, cafes and gardens that makes this city the most charming for SAF Scholars.
Last Updated: 1/9/19