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University College Dublin

Program Overview 

Location: Dublin, Ireland
Culture: International, literary-driven
Neighborhood: Parkside, historic
Housing: Homestay
English level: Beginner - advanced

The University College Dublin (UCD) is Ireland’s largest university and strives to focus on its contributions through innovation, research and tackling global challenges. Considered the first customized language center in an Irish university, the Applied Language Centre (ALC) at UCD excels in designing teaching and learning opportunities to fit in within an international community. The university boasts a 25 percent international student population and a 25 percent international staff, giving SAF Scholars the opportunity for familial connections as well as the ability to learn about other cultures and countries.
The campus inhabits more than 130 hectares of expansive parkland estate, allowing ample space for its facilities and students. The main campus is located a few kilometers from the city center, but has several options for public transportation, making it easy for the students to interact and mingle with the local citizens. 
With a population of over 500,000, Dublin is Ireland’s largest city and the country’s capital. Dublin is a literary town and has produced many world famous authors and artists, including George Bernard Shaw, William Butler Yeats, Oscar Wilde, and others. Between its historic roots and ancient castle and modern buildings and attractions, Dublin has many opportunities to experience new, modern cultural points for interested students.

Student Profile

SAF Scholars seeking an English language learning experience within an international and thriving capitol city would be suited to study at UCD.

Other Programs at University

No other programs available at this time.

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Program Details

Program Dates by Term Availability

Fall (September – December)
Academic Year (September – June)
Spring + Summer (March – August)
Spring + Summer + Fall (March – December)

Program Strengths

One of the strengths of UCD is the blend of English language learning support with cultural education. Students will both improve their English while getting an in depth understanding of Irish culture and its people.

Number of Classroom Hours Per Week

20 hours per week, students study four hours of English per day Monday to Friday, two courses per day of 2 hours each.

Students take:

  • English for Academic Purposes components
  • Academic Skills components
  • Grammar and Vocabulary for Academic and Everyday Life seminars
  • Information and Communication technology skills
  • Induction to university life and systems
  • Irish Culture and Society Workshops
Students who attend 25 or more weeks of English language courses at UCD are required to take an IELTS exam at the end of the term at the UCD ALC IELTS Test Exam Centre (UCD will register appropriate students for this exam)

Number of Levels

Six levels each running  10-15 weeks

Elective Courses Offered


Progression or Concurrent Notes

There are no progression or concurrent options at UCD.


Housing Type



Homestay families will provide SAF Scholars with breakfast and dinner Monday through Friday. Scholars will be responsible for providing their own lunches. The family will also provide at least three weekend meals.

Type of Room

Homestay room

Student Life

Co-/Extra-Curricular Opportunities or Programs

SAF Scholars have access to the facilities, restaurants, and other amenities found on campus. Students will also have the opportunity to experience Irish Culture and Society Workshops, which can help them to become familiar with local community and national history.

Life on Campus

The university is a few kilometers from the city center of Dublin, but has many access points to it. This allows students to engage with the city in an interactive way. The engaging city provides a lot of opportunities for all students to experience Irish life. With the language program and staff located in the heart of campus, SAF Scholars are able to feel part of the university life as soon as their classes begin.
Last Updated: 1/9/19