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University of Bristol

Program Overview 

Location: Bristol, England
Culture: Collaborative, civic
Neighborhood: Urban, cosmopolitan
Housing: On-campus 
English level: High intermediate - advanced 

The University of Bristol is an active university led by the Bristol Students’ Union (Bristol SU). As such, the university is known for its vibrant society and diverse student body. Through the academic program, SAF Scholars choose their course of study from a variety of classes within a selection of wide-ranging disciplines. In this way, SAF scholars are welcome to take courses outside of their major and to explore new areas of study.

The University of Bristol is located in the heart of the eponymously named city with great public transportation, offering students easy access to all the dinning, shopping, artistic and touristic activities that define an urban center.

Bristol is cosmopolitan, bursting with history and culture. In 2015, The Sunday Times named Bristol as “the best place to be a student” -- and it's evident. Bristol has something to offer everyone. From its cinemas&nbsp galleries to its pubs and traditional English tea rooms; from its historic buildings to its modern environmentally conscience edifices, Bristol inspires students to honor tradition while looking to the future.

Student Profile

The Presessional English Program is ideal for SAF Scholars who do not meet the English requirements of their desired program or who would like extra help before beginning their academic courses. SAF Scholars will:
  • Improve their academic English
  • Learn how to give presentations and work in project groups
  • Improve their study skills for a British university
  • Have access to all University of Bristol facilities
  • Participate in a social program
  • Learn about British culture and the British university system.
This intensive pre-sessional language program takes place during the summer, and is ideal for SAF Scholars who wish to greatly yet efficiently improve their English.

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Program Details

Program Dates by Term Availability

Fall (September – January)
Spring (January – April)

Program Strengths

The pre-sessional English programs train high achieving English language learners in small groups of 12-15 students. Students are expected to take an active part in interactive classroom activities including pair and group work, peer reviews, seminars and presentations. SAF Scholars will prepare reading and listening texts in advance of class and complete homework as a follow-up to classwork. Students are also encouraged to take advantage of any and all online learning environments offered including the interactive academic grammar.

Number of Classroom Hours Per Week

20 hours – the 10-week course offers 40 credit points while the 6-week course offers 20 credit points.

Number of Levels

Bristol offers a 10-week course starting in June and a 6-week course starting in July. After this, SAF Scholars may take regular university classes with other study abroad students in September.

Elective Courses Offered

Lectures on life in Britain and subjects of academic and cultural interest will be introduced.

Progression or Concurrent Notes

In order for SAF Scholars to progress to academic program studies they need to successfully complete the pre-sessional program. An assessment is given at the end of the pre-sessional program to evaluate their English proficiency level improvement over the 6 or 10-week program.

Students apply for either 6 or 10-week pre-sessional program based on the English proficiency score at the time of application and considering the academic program department/major entry requirements, which a student hopes to progress to. (i.e. If a student with a 6.0 (overall) IELTS score wants to take academic History courses (6.5 min. requirement); then completion of the 6-week pre-sessional program would be a mandatory condition of their admission. It is documented that in 2017, 95% of students on these courses progressed to a program at the University of Bristol.


Housing Type




Type of Room

Student Life

Co-/Extra-Curricular Opportunities or Programs

While improving their English skills, SAF Scholars have full access to all University of Bristol facilities, guaranteed accommodation and have the ability to participate in the social program that is available for them during their summer Presessional English courses. While in the courses, scholars will have further opportunity to learn about British culture and the university system prior to enrolling in academic coursework for credit.
Last Updated: 1/9/19