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University of Calgary

Program Overview 

Location: Calgary, Alberta
Culture: Supportive, international
Neighborhood: Extensive bike-way, suburban, picturesque
Housing: Homestay
English level: Beginner - intermediate

Situated in one of the most livable cities in the world, the University of Calgary boasts a supportive English language learning community with attentive instructors and staff. With the average class size of 16 and opportunity for personal support, Calgary allows SAF Scholars the ability to grow in confidence in their language learning abilities.

With a student hailing from 61 countries around the world, the campus is easily an international hub. Students at the university and citizens of Calgary take advantage of the outdoor activities available. Calgary has one of the most extensive bike-way systems in North America. The city is also conveniently located one hour from Banff National park, which provides visitors with ample opportunities to explore the picturesque wilderness and nature.

Student Profile

SAF Scholars seeking a supportive English language learning community within a larger metropolitan area would benefit from attending the University of Calgary. Outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy hiking, biking, and skiing would also enjoy this program.

Other Programs at University

There are no other programs at the University of Calgary at this time.

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Program Details

Program Dates by Term Availability

Fall (September – December)
Academic Year (September – July)
Spring + Summer (April – August)
Spring + Summer + Fall (April – December)

Program Strengths

All SAF Scholars begin their program with a 2-week Language and Culture Course, focusing on oral fluency and confidence while becoming familiar to their new location in Western Canada. Students seeking an accessible and outgoing Canadian city in which to take English courses would fit also in well at the University of Calgary.

Number of Classroom Hours Per Week

20-25 hours per week
  • 2-week Language and Culture program – 25 hours per week (50 hours in 2 weeks)
  • 13-week Semester program – approximately 22-24 hours per week (275 hours in 13 weeks)

Number of Levels

Six levels from high beginner to upper advanced are offered in 13 week terms (12 weeks of instruction and one week of exams).

Elective Courses Offered


Progression or Concurrent Notes

There are no progression or concurrent options at Calgary.

Housing Type



Homestay families provide students with the opportunity to eat 3 meals every day of the week for the duration of their study abroad experience.

Type of Room

Homestay room
Student Life

Co-/Extra-Curricular Opportunities or Programs

Students have the opportunity to sign up for Activity Programs that take place throughout the year. Informational meetings and guided excursions allow SAF Scholars the opportunity to explore the surrounding area. These types of events have included both short and long trips, ranging from afternoons at the local museums and sporting events to overnight trips to Banff and alpine resorts.

Life on Campus

SAF Scholars have access to the student center, sports facilities, and the university library. Students receive a U-pass while attending the university, allowing unlimited Calgary Transit access. Between the C-train and the bus network, all students can quickly and easily access the third largest city in Canada.
Last Updated: 1/9/19