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Customized Programs

SAF Customized Programs are designed to meet the specific needs of a department, college or faculty of an SAF member university.  SAF Customized Programs allow universities to expand their study abroad offerings, give faculty the opportunity to provide oversight on course content, design and location, and present students with study abroad options that are closely integrated with their home university degree program.
SAF Customized Programs Provide
  • A strong academic framework that engages faculty and attracts students
  • The ability to select the right location to reinforce the academic focus
  • A schedule that maximizes the time overseas and suits the academic calendar of the home university
  • A price that can adjust to meet the financial constraints of the home university and its students
  • Expert management from SAF Country Offies (M. China, Taiwan, Japan, Korea) and SAF Headquarters in Indianapolis
  • On-site support from SAF staff and SAF Student Liaison Officers
  • A program exclusively designed to meet the needs of the SAF member university
Last Updated: 9/2/11