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General Study Abroad

SAF General Study Abroad programs are campus-based study opportunities for a semester or academic year; enrollment in summer school at UCLA is also available as part of a longer-term study abroad experience.  SAF general programs include the enrollment of participants in regularly offered courses alongside degree-seeking students of the host university (integrated university study) as well as participant enrollment in intensive language institutes.  Increasingly SAF participants seek study abroad opportunities that combine language learning with integrated university study.  

SAF General Study Abroad for Visiting Undergraduate Students:
  • Integrated University Study
  • Intensive Language Study
  • Intensive Language Study followed by Integrated University Study
  • Concurrent Enrollment:  combining intensive language study and integrated university study
  • Summer Study Abroad:  integrated university study

General Study Abroad Definitions
Integrated University Study:  A study abroad program type in which participants join regularly offered academic courses of their host university alongside degree-seeking students.  Integrated University Study programs require a high level of proficiency in the local language.

Intensive Language Study:  A study abroad program type in which participants study full-time in an intensive language program.  SAF currently offers intensive language programs in Chinese, English, French, German, Korean and Spanish.

Intensive Language + Integrated University Study:  A study abroad program type that begins with enrollment in an intensive language program followed by enrollment in regularly offered academic courses of the host university (Integrated University Study).  This program type offers flexibility in regards to start dates and program duration.  The most common program models are:  (1) Fall semester language + Spring semester integrated, (2) Spring semester language + Fall semester integrated; (3) March/April to August language + Fall semester integrated.   

Concurrent Enrollment:
  A study abroad program type that allows students to enroll in intensive language courses and integrated university courses simultaneously.

Summer Study Abroad: 
A study abroad program type offered over the summer months (July-August).  Participants are able to begin their study abroad program with enrollment in summer school or enroll in summer school at the end of their study abroad experience.  SAF only offers summer school enrollment as an add-on to a longer study abroad experience.                                                

Last Updated: 1/9/19