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Graduate Access Program (GAP)

The SAF Graduate Access Program (GAP) is designed to assist SAF program participants to successfully link undergraduate study abroad participation with admission to a graduate program at their SAF Host Member University.   To take advantage of GAP, students are encouraged to first meet with a counselor at their local SAF Country Office (SAF M. China, SAF Taiwan, SAF Japan, SAF Korea) and discuss both their plans for undergraduate study abroad as well as GAP.  Once abroad, SAF HQ will assist students by introducing them to the graduate school or department of interest.  While SAF will provide advice and guidance about access to graduate programs, students will need to show a great deal of initiative in contacting the graduate department directly and expressing to the program convener their interest in graduate study.

GAP is a “win win” situation for all.  SAF students studying abroad at the undergraduate level will have an opportunity to learn about the academic offerings at their host university while improving their language skills and adjusting to the local culture.  Graduate departments at the host university, on the other hand, have the opportunity to preview the quality of work SAF students are capable of doing and to recruit these talented students to their graduate programs. 
Last Updated: 9/2/11