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SAF Graduate Study Abroad programs are campus-based study opportunities for a semester or academic year in regularly offered graduate-level courses alongside degree-seeking students of the host university (integrated university study).  Students currently studying at the graduate (postgraduate) level who have the appropriate study background (i.e. have completed the necessary prerequisite courses) will be afforded access to taught Masters courses that will contribute to or enhance their graduate degree curriculum at home.  
Please Keep in Mind
Graduate admission is determined by each individual department and consequently SAF must contact the individual department(s) of interest each time a student expresses an interest in graduate study abroad.  To allow SAF to make a valid graduate query, interested students must provide the following documents to the appropriate SAF Country office (SAF M. China, SAF Taiwan, SAF Japan, SAF Korea); this should be done before making a formal application to SAF:
  • Copy of undergraduate transcript
  • Copy of graduate transcript (if appropriate)
  • Copy of TOEFL or IELTs score (or other appropriate proof of language proficiency for programs in Europe)
  • Brief statement of what the student hopes to accomplish by studying abroad at the graduate level
SAF will use this information to make an inquiry on the students behalf.  If the graduate department is interested in welcoming the student to their program, SAF will then recommend that the student complete the formal SAF admission process.
Last Updated: 1/9/19