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Academic - Students enroll in regularly offered undergraduate courses and are assessed on the same basis as degree-seeking students.

Language - Students enroll in full-time intensive second-language courses, often earning transfer credit from the home university. Language program options may include:

  • Concurrent - Students enroll in a combination of part-time intensive second-language courses alongside regularly offered undergraduate courses.
  • Pre-sessional - Students with a second-language proficiency level just shy of hosting university requirements enroll in a pre-sessional course. Typically held over the summer, the course is designed to prepare students for an upcoming semester of academic study.

Research - Exemplary students, many with ambitions to progress to graduate study abroad, enroll in research programs proposed by hosting institutions and/or their faculty.

Internship - Students are introduced to the merits and demands of pursuing a career in their chosen field through on-the-job experience.

Summer - Students enroll in host university summer sessions that are largely tailored for international students and often include pre-arranged extra-curricular activities.

Last Updated: 1/9/19