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Student Name: Jun Wu
Home University: Shanghai Institute of Foreign Trade
Host University: Indiana University; Bloomington, Indiana, USA
Major: Finance

Why did you decide to study abroad at Indiana University?

The Kelley School of Business is one of the top 10 undergraduate business schools in the United States. It is good for the students like me who want to pursue both an academic achievement and exploring the campus life in the U.S.  In addition, the scenery in Bloomington is charming at all seasons.

Please describe your academic experiences at Indiana University.  How does the style of education differ from what you are used to at home?

Learning is challenging in the best business schools, but it doesn’t mean we cannot achieve our goals. The Finance classes that I took require a bunch of after-class efforts. However, we are never alone. Classmates, friends and team members are always our companies. It is lucky for me to have very nice professors in the way we both appreciate each other and learn together. The difference in studying lies in a higher requirement of independent thinking, team cooperation and self-discipline.

Describe your social life at your host university – what do you do for fun?  Are you meeting local students?

One of the best experiences in IU is making friends. I’ve made friends with students from India, Korea, Japan, Australia and the U.S. We used to have dinner after classes and talked about hot topics in Finance and Global Economics such as mergers, acquisitions and IPOs. At weekends, basketball and football games are my favorite. My thanks go to SAF staff and Mrs. Carmody who provided us a traditional Halloween and an enjoyable trip to Indianapolis.

Please tell future one thing you think they should know as they prepare to study abroad.

For those who plan to study abroad. I have three points to suggest you guys.  First, make your plans early (in freshman) so that you can have more flexibility in preparations and have more favorable choices. After that, it will be OK when you take the very first journey of your life without parents and you will be strong. Last, do remember to take pictures and share it with your families, friends and professors.

Student Name:  Eun Gi Park
Home University:  Konkuk University
Host University: Montana State University; Bozeman, Montana, USA
Major: Architecture

Describe your life at Montana State? What kind of activities did you partake in?

I was very active during my time abroad. In addition to studying in the architecture studio daily and hanging out with my friends, many activities kept me busy on and off campus. I served as a docent at the Museum of the Rockies in charge of the tour of Leonardo da Vinci’s machine. I was elected treasurer of the Residence Hall Association for N. Hedges Hall. Also, I sold tickets for the Bozeman Symphony Concert and volunteered at the Children’s Camp on campus. I wished to expose my fellow classmates to Korean culture as well by participating in the International Food Bazaar and language exchange partner program.

What did you get from your experience at Montana State?

Well of course my English skills benefited by being immersed in English language courses and by making friends at the university. Through my extracurricular activities, I gained leadership and communication skills, especially as treasurer of my residence hall. Also, on a volunteer trip to the Grand Canyon to fix old ranches, I gained not only practical experience in architecture studies but felt accomplished knowing I helped others.

What can we expect from you in the future?

I’m hoping to enter a top graduate school in the United States. While in America, I took time to visit many of interest to me, and I encourage future SAF students to do the same.

What other advice do you have for future SAF students?

Try as many things as you can instead of getting stuck in your room, missing home or sleeping---Go out there and talk and soon you’ll be connected all over the world!

Student Name: 
Jeong Hwa (Jenny) Jin
Home University:  Hankuk University of Foreign Studies
Host University: Washington Semester Program & Abroad at American University; Washington, D.C.
Major: Portuguese

Why did you choose to study abroad at American University?

I chose American University because it’s in Washington, D.C., and I knew I could get valuable experience there. Students at AU are among the most politically active, so I made a lot of friends who shared many of the same interests and opinions on international affairs and politics.

Describe your life during your time at AU and while on the Washington Semester Program.

I usually studied and prepared for class. I often met other international students who were struggling with the American education styles, too. We shared problems and helped each other, so I spent a lot of time in the library, but it was always with my friends. I also participated in AU activities once a month which gave me a chance to get to know new people. During the Washington Semester Program, I participated in an internship at the Embassy of Brazil. My time there provided me with experience in foreign affairs, as well as an opportunity to improve my Portuguese.

How did you benefit from your education abroad?  How does the style of education differ from what you are used to at home?

Study abroad was a good opportunity for me to improve my English and experience American education styles. The most influential part of my study abroad experience was studying with American students. There are huge differences between the American and Korean education styles. I had lots of readings before class, and I was expected to participate in every class since they were discussion-based classes. It was hard at first, but it taught me I can achieve great accomplishments.

What can we expect from you in the future?

In the short term, I am planning on going to graduate school in the U.S. My future long term plan is working in an international organization dealing with Latin American international relations.

Last Updated: 9/2/11