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SAF is a multilateral network of top-ranked universities that work together to increase study abroad opportunities for well-qualified and highly motivated students from Mainland China, Taiwan, Japan and Korea.  SAF’s development is guided by an International Advisory Council (IAC) on which each member university is represented in country chapters.

Universities working with SAF benefit in the following ways:
  • Access to a well-constructed and tested way to increase international student mobility (study abroad and internships) and therefore quickly strengthen university internationalization.
  • Access to a wide range of opportunities for study abroad and internship programs (including housing) in a selection of highly ranked universities and professional internship organizations in several countries without the need to negotiate individual agreements.
  • Working with SAF often supplements exchange agreements and other bilateral university agreements.
  • Ease of access to specific study abroad programs through SAF’s comprehensive administrative system, which complements member universities administrative systems including payment of fees in local currencies.
  • Comprehensive student and advisor support in local languages before, during and after the study abroad period including dealing with the administrative procedures of host universities and countries.
  • Support to students and universities from SAF’s offices in home and host countries, which administer the student placement process and provide support throughout their time abroad. SAF’s staff in host countries work closely with students during their stay abroad.
  • Reduced costs arising from reduced fees and scholarships granted by member universities and SAF.
  • Professional development, training and networking opportunities for university staff through SAF’s professional development programs in home and host countries with access to valuable channels of information and exchange geared to transferring good practice and institutional capacity building.
  • Advice, guidance and networking opportunities related to university internationalization and international student mobility.
International Advisory Council (IAC) Membership
The SAF International Advisory Council (IAC), on which each member university is represented through country chapters, is developing. In Korea it is well-established and a country chapter meets annually. In other countries chapters are being developed. SAF member universities have other opportunities to meet annually such as during events sponsored by the SAF Professional Development Program and at the annual SAF reception held during the NAFSA conference in North America.
Last Updated: 1/9/19