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SAF is committed to student mobility on a global basis. We work with students worldwide to provide high-quality study abroad opportunities. We believe that students who study abroad increase their international understanding and develop the intercultural skills necessary to succeed in and contribute to their own society and the world community. 

SAF provides opportunities for students at SAF member universities to study at a university in North America, Europe, Australasia and Asia for one year or one semester, including language learning or an internship as part of the program, and to earn transfer credit for their study abroad experience. Learn more.


SAF Launches Summer Sessions Orientations


About 400 SAF scholars attending summer sessions at UC Berkeley and UCLA will participate for the first time in orientations designed by the Foundation that provide academic advice, cross-cultural learning and tourism tips. The initiative helps acquaint international summer students, who are not typically afforded university-sponsored orientations, with American social and academic culture. Learn more

SAF Headquarters Moves Offices Following a Recent Staff Expansion

SAF headquarters has moved to a larger office space to accommodate the recent expansion of its talented workforce. Help SAF headquarters celebrate and decorate its new home by sending your university posters to its latest suite

SAF and IES Abroad Announce Strategic Affiliation

SAF is pleased to announce its affiliation with IES Abroad, a U.S.-based leader in the study abroad visiting student field. This strategic decision serves both organizations’ students and member universities, and will considerably strengthen SAF’s development. Read on

SAF November 2015 Wrap-Up 

Monday, November 2, SAF Japan held their annual International Advisory Council (IAC) meeting.

Wednesday, November 4, SAF sponsored its first colloquium in China (city TBD) with a focus on international student mobility.

Friday, November 6, SAF Korea hosted the annual Korea IAC meeting on the campus of Hanyang University.

Learn more. 

Back at Home, SAF's First Kazakhstani Students Reflect on Their Summer Abroad 

Nazarbayev University students illustrate their summer abroad at UC Berkeley in this presentation for friends and home university staff. They are among the first students from Kazakhstan to study abroad through the Foundation. 

SAF Launches Research Study Abroad with Johns Hopkins University

The Study Abroad Foundation is pleased to introduce the Johns Hopkins University Summer Biology Research Program, where experienced biology majors embark on an 8-week journey of discovery under the tutelage of Dr. Joel Schildbach, professor of biology and vice dean for undergraduate education at the Krieger School of Arts & Sciences. Learn more.

SAF Attended 2015 NAFSA Conference in Boston

In May, the Foundation's senior staff will convened in Boston with thousands of education professionals from around the world for the NAFSA Annual Conference and Expo. The event provided an opportunity for the Foundation to meet with university representatives and hold staff meetings. 

As part of the event, SAF hosted a private reception for university members at the historic John Adams Courthouse. Guest speaker, Ellery Schempp, atheist, award-winning activist and legendary litigant of the landmark Supreme Court case that bears his surname, spoke on "Religion and America: The Relevance Today of a 1956 School Protest."

Celebrating our Alumni

SAF Japan Alumni Celebration, March 2015 from The Study Abroad Foundation on Vimeo.

The Foundation's Japan office regularly hosts alumni celebrations in Tokyo, where SAF graduates catch up over food and drinks and deliver creative presentations about their lives abroad. Enjoy this video wrap-up of one such event.

Joining Forces 


Committed to improving study abroad opportunities for top scholars across Asia, the Foundation is proud to announce our new partnership with National Central University (NCU) in Taiwan. Read on

Connecting Students


From photo essays to heartfelt exposes, SAF students and alumni are creating and participating in the making of an interactive blog

"Wow, I'm pretty surprised to have my story on the web like this. Thank you so much. I hope this helps new people who are thinking of studying abroad." -Ryoichi Inoue

Preparing Students for the Future 


As part of the Foundation's commitment to student learning, SAF Taiwan recently taught scholars from Feng Chia University how to write standout resumes and strategic study plans. 

Growing our Community

SAF at National Central University in Taiwan

With the goal of helping global-minded scholars attain a world-class education, SAF Taiwan presented our prestigious programs to National Central University students this month and more.



SAF HQ program coordinators visit with students

As part of our personal support services, our family of program coordinators from SAF headquarters have packed their bags and traveled the country treating students to lunches at trendy restaurants, engaging museum tours, quintessential American football games and more.

University of Nottingham, Malaysia Campus joins SAF 

UNMC Campus

In March 2014, SAF signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the University of Nottingham, Malaysia Campus. Read on.

International Education Symposium, January 10, 2014 

International Education Symposium

On January 10, 2014, SAF China hosted its second annual International Education Symposium. Learn more.

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