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Graduate Access Program at Colorado State University for BIBA students

The Study Abroad Foundation has been working with Feng Chia University’s Bachelor of Business Administration (BIBA) for over 5 years now to provide study abroad opportunities to students in the program. BIBA students have successfully joined yearlong programs at the University of Utah, University of Edinburgh and American University among others.

However, increasingly BIBA as well as other SAF participants are asking the Foundation to develop programs that combine an undergraduate study abroad experience with access to graduate level study. It is now apparent that studying abroad at the undergraduate level is being viewed by students, their families and their universities as a concrete way to demonstrate aptitude and enhance students’ resumes for graduate admission to top Western Universities.

Accordingly, SAF has developed with the support of Colorado State University (CSU) a unique program for Feng Chia University, where qualified students apply to SAF for both undergraduate study abroad participation and graduate admission. If the student is deemed eligible for graduate admission, CSU’s College of Business issues a conditional letter of admission to their Master of Management Practice which stipulates that the student must maintain a GPA above 3.0/4.0 during his/her undergraduate study abroad at CSU, and successfully complete a GRE or GMAT test.

The Study Abroad Foundation is pleased to have 5 BIBA students currently studying at CSU on this unique Graduate Access Program.

Success of BIBA Program Taiwan

In 2008, Feng Chia University in Taichung, Taiwan launched its most ambitious program to date: the Bachelor of International Business Administration (BIBA). BIBA boasts of an innovative curriculum with all courses taught in English and requires 4th year students to study abroad for a full academic year. In Fall 2011, the first group of BIBA students set off to universities around the globe, and SAF Taiwan was proud to have helped one third of the BIBA students to gain admission to prestigious SAF member universities such as the University of Edinburgh, University of Colorado at Boulder and American University. SAF and BIBA have worked closely over the past three years to ensure the success of this program, and we look forward to further and expanded cooperation.

Annual SAF Staff Meeting, Taichung, Taiwan (1/2011)

Each year in January SAF holds an annual staff meeting in Asia.  The 2011 meeting was held in Taichung, Taiwan January 15-18 with 13 SAF staff members in attendance.  Staff discussed progress made in 2010 as well as the launch of the SAF Academic internship Programs starting Summer 2011.   SAF staff also had the opportunity to visit two SAF member universities in Taiwan -- Tunghai University and Feng Chia University.  

Government-Sponsored Study Abroad Scholarship Program in Taiwan

SAF Taiwan has been working with recipients of a new Taiwan scholarship program designed to encourage study abroad. Some universities with a wide range of exchange partners are able to use scholarships in conjunction with their exchange programs, but many universities do not have well-developed networks of suitable partners and are working with SAF to provide these scholarships to students accepted on SAF programs. 400 merit scholarships valued at TWD 300,000 (approx USD 9,000) are available each year. Additional scholarships are availed for students from low income families and to encourage participation in study abroad internships. 

Last Updated: 4/8/14