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President John Belcher Announces His Retirement 


Professor John Belcher has announced his retirement as President of the Foundation effective November 30, 2016. John will continue assisting SAF as a consultant for one year beginning in December in order to provide a smooth transition in leadership. Since John joined in 2005, SAF owes much of its success to his vision for reconstructing and relaunching the Foundation, as well as for his adeptness at fostering relationships with Asian universities and parastatal organizations. 

Under his leadership, the Foundation has grown into a multinational organization, having expanded its initial operations in Japan to include China, Taiwan, Korea, Brunei, Singapore, Malaysia and Kazakhstan. Simultaneously, John has presided over the dramatic expansion of the Foundation's program offerings, including graduate study abroad, language and culture programs, research study abroad and internships. A testament to his vision, this academic year SAF enrollment exceeded 1,200 students for the first time in the Foundation's history.

“John has been particularly instrumental in attracting top tier Asian universities to partner with SAF. We are all grateful for his contributions,” said Dr. Dwyer.

We thank John for his dedication and service to the Foundation and for his lifelong work in international education.


SAF and IES Abroad Announce Strategic Affiliation


SAF is pleased to announce its affiliation with IES Abroad, a U.S.-based leader in the study abroad visiting student field. This strategic decision serves both organizations’ students and member universities, and will considerably strengthen SAF’s development.

IES Abroad is the preeminent partner to academic institutions globally in offering students exceptional study abroad and internship opportunities. Founded in 1950 and headquartered in Chicago, IES Abroad educates students to become leaders through worldwide study abroad opportunities that meet the highest standards of academic quality. During its 65-year history, IES Abroad has provided more than 110,000 students with outstanding academic and cultural experiences as a study abroad leader, and today offers more than 126 programs annually to American students in 34 locations around the world. IES Abroad has consistently set new standards in academic excellence, including the development of initiatives such as the IES Abroad Model Assessment Practices (MAPs) that have become standard-bearers for the entire field.

SAF’s affiliation with IES Abroad is the next step in our mission to create more opportunity for SAF International University Network members to provide their students with the understanding and intercultural skills necessary to succeed in and contribute to their own societies as well as to the world. SAF’s operations will continue under our highly respected brand, but with a renewed sense of optimism as the Foundation looks to work with member universities to identify new needs and opportunities to meet them.

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Last Updated: 1/24/17